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The Smart Maritime Companion

A ubiquitous support system for maritime professionals, both on ship and on shore, across technical and commercial roles



A Multi-Modal, Cross-Functional Deep AI Engine

Built on top of Microsoft's Azure OpenAI, MantaMind™ combines text, image, and video for accurate maritime insights, merging AI models and heuristics for unmatched recommendations.

Smart Equipment Maintenance

MantaMind™ provides onboard engineers adaptive troubleshooting guides, using insights from maintenance records, equipment manuals and best practices for any equipment.

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Guided Audits and Inspections

MantaMind™ streamlines audits and inspections for marine superintendents with guided questionnaires, multimedia journaling, marine standards intelligence, and automatic report generation.

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Rapid Vessel Screening

MantaMind™ accelerates vessel data preparation for OEM and charter submissions by tapping into extensive fleet data, reducing a process from hours to minutes.

Who are we

Maritime Sector Challenges

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Acute Manpower Crunch

In 2021, the International Chamber of Shipping forecasted a deficit of 90,000 seafarers by 2026, worsened by the Covid-19 pandemic and Ukraine war, reports The Straits Times. The dropping seafarer numbers threaten operational continuity, safety, and increase the risk of costly mistakes due to varying expertise levels.


Heavy Compliance Burden

Complying with both national and international maritime regulations is essential but challenging due to the complexity and varied interpretations of regulations, changing requirements, and diverse practices and cultural barriers across vessels. This compliance burden limits the industry's ability to innovate and make strategic decisions.


Ad Hoc Digitilization

Acute manpower shortages, hefty compliance demands, and strict decarbonization goals are pushing the sector towards rapid, ad-hoc digitalization. This leads to a fragmented data and solutions landscape, both industry-wide and within companies, complicating the correlation of diverse datasets for valuable insights and business performance improvement.

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